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Genetic Testing Kit | GeneLife SPORTS
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Genetic Testing Kit | GeneLife SPORTS

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Knowing the muscle type, knowing where to extend.

Knowing your muscle type to extend your sports abilities!

By this genetic test, even if muscle type is not what you want, you don't have to be pessimistic. Knowing your type can make more appropriate sports with your way of training and eating habits.

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What is Sports Genetic Test?

Muscles are mainly composed of muscle fibers and roughly divided into two types, "fast twitch" and "slow twitch". The proportion of fast and slow twitch muscle fibers differs from person to person depending on a specific type of gene. In the sports genetic test kit, we examine this type of this gene.

The differences between fast and slow twitch muscle fibers.

The fast twitch muscle fibre is a muscle that can contract quickly. It is vital for sports that require quick movement because it can emit energy instantaneously such as short distance running and goalkeeping. On the other hand, slow twitch muscle fibre is a slowly contracting muscle since it can emit energy in the long term. It is used in everyday activities such as maintaining posture and walking as well as sports that require endurance such as long distance marathon. A protein known as "α actinin 3" exists only in the fast muscle. It is genetically synthesized in the proportion of both fast and slow muscle. The importance of this protein varies based on the type of sport activity you choose.

Base on ACTN3 gene for analysis

Whether "α actinin 3 protein" is synthesized by the fast twitch muscles depends on the type of "ACTN 3 gene". If the gene is a RR type, α actinin 3 is synthesized. This is known as power type; If the gene is a XX type, α actinin 3 is not synthesized. This is known as endurance type; If the gene is a RX type, it will be a balance type in between RR and XX.

By analyzing "ACTN 3 gene" in this kit, you may better understand your muscle type.

  • Easy to develop fast twitch muscle fibre.
  • Fast and slow muscle are well developed.
  • Easy to develop slow twitch muscle fibre.

Knowing your muscle type, knowing where you excel.

Understanding your muscle type may allow you to make better choices in your athletic endeavor. By exercising and eating the right way, you can be the best physical self that you were meant to be.

You don't have to be professional to see results from a computer or smartphone.

GeneLife SPORTS genetic test service provides reports for your test results as well as recipes you can use for a healthy lifestyle. Checking your results is convenient and easy!


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