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Genetic Testing Kit | GeneLife Myself2.0
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Genetic Testing Kit | GeneLife Myself2.0

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GeneLife Myself2.0

Showing two perspectives of "environmental factor" and "genetic predisposition" for you to compare between "current personality" and "natural personality".

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About GeneLife Myself2.0 

Genetic test kit, GeneLife MySelf2.0 from Genesis Healthcare, combines personalities/talents analysis from genetic studies and psychologic analysis from the famous Big Five personality traits. It is the only genetic service that allows you to get to know your true self.

MySelf2.0 analyzes your present state against the five elements of "sociality", "cautiousness/delicacy", "diligence", "cooperativeness", "openness/culturality" from the "environmental factors" and "genetic predisposition" perspectives. Using the outcome analyzed from answering 60 questions of the personality analysis combined with your genetic test results, you can compare how similar is your current personality compared to your natural personality.

* Please understand the analysis of environmental factor and genetic predisposition is only for comparison purposes. It is not intended to make comprehensive judgement by each result.

* Please understand in GeneLife Myself2.0, only the test items related to above five elements will be analyzed, not all test items apply to 5 elements.

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 600,000 participants and growing. 70% Market share of genetic testing in Japan.