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Breast augmentation product | up'll C

Breast augmentation product | up'll C

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This is not a simple breast pad, and not a Nubra!

It let you have the ideal breast shape and enviable breast curve without surgery and medicine ~up'll C

Up'll C, it's a product that really creates a beautiful breast shape by wearing it, instead of creating a fake look,

No longer have to endure the pain of forcing them to make their breasts looks bigger, or use the breast pad to adjust the size of the left and right breasts. With up'll C, you will be immediately taken from the pain. Released!

No need to pretend or deceive.

Let the breast naturally become the cup you want, and become an enviable beautiful breast.

This is the concept of up'll C.

Everyone has a breast-shaped trouble!

Everyone has worries about their breast such as size, shape, size balance of right and left side, not good elastic, drooping •••••• there are plenty of worries about breast.

Annoying for such things also means that you are a person who pursues beauty. From now on, you don’t have to feel inferior for this kind of thing!

It is not a problem at all, from this moment on, you have the opportunity to have an ideal breast shape. Don't be shy, just start your breast care!


Product Overview

  • up'll C (for people with a bust size of A or B)
  • up'll D (for people with a bust size of B or C)

Please contact us for details.



It only takes 30 minutes a day!

Makes it easy to make a beautiful transition at home!

Blood breasts, of course no problem! Can also satisfy your various wishes!

"I want to have a beautiful breast curve"

"I want to make the size of the left and right breasts the same"

"I want to make the sagging breast firm again"

"Slimming is less than the breast, I want it to come back"

With Up'll C, all these troubles can be solved!

It is a product that can be used for breast care and exercise in a simple way in daily life!

Of course, it doesn't mean that the moment you put it on, the breast suddenly grows up to the C cup. There are no such fantastic things in the world.

But after all, it’s up’ll C, from the moment you wear it, you can gradually reach the beautiful C cup.

It's not difficult to achieve it.

Every day, just wear up'll C 30 minutes to 1 hour! Moreover, you don't need to be careful to stay still when you wear it.

up'll C has a strong appeal, and it doesn't need to worry that it will fall off if it is twisted in the proper range.


watching TV


enjoying afternoon tea

you talk with a friend,

chatting with SNS

you go online

In short, no matter what you do at home, you can easily complete the task of shaping the beautiful breast curve at the same time!

Care and exercise breast lines won't take up time for you to do other things!

This is a perfect breast product for busy urbanites! ?


It has introduced in variety of Japanese magazines and medias

What is the secret to breast augmentation?

Have you ever heard of a machine in the beauty salon that uses attractiveness to breast enlargement?

The principle of up'll C is the same.

The full-cup silicone sheet fits perfectly into any breast shape.

At the same time, it will cause mild stimulation to the mammary gland and bring a massage effect.

So, as long as you wear it every day, you can have a full breast!

In addition, the full cup silicone sheet is designed to be the ideal C cup shape.

Continuous use, will make your breasts turn into a beautiful bowl-shaped bust line.

It's a gentle massage effect that can exercise to support the breast muscles, so that the breasts return to fullness and elasticity!

There is a beautiful breast shape.

The secret of breast enlargement is the sucking power!


It not only can breast enlargement, but also create a beautiful breast curve

Yes, up'll not only for breast enlargement, but also making beautiful shape.

It’s a functional breast curve care product.

Building a natural cleavage is no longer a dream.

It's very simple to use!


How to use

  1. Press and hold the center of the up'll C to open it to the outside.
  2. Put the center of the up'll C to the highest point of your breastand put it on.
  3. Press the outside of the up'll C to remove the air inside and make it fit snugly with the breast.


Good value for the price!! You cannot leave it once you start to use! you will love it and in addition, “up'll C “ is not a one-off.

After the purchase, you can use it almost permanently! We promise a guarantee of quality for more than 10 years.

However, the shape of the chest is a naturally changing with ages.

As long as you use it correctly, you will reach the ideal chest shape in about 1 year at the latest!

However, as the age increases, the change in the shape of the chest is a natural law.

After achieving a satisfactory result, the chest shape may also be out of shape or drooping over time.

At that time, take up'll C again and you can use it!

In order to maintain a perfect breast curve, it is recommended that you use it once or twice a week after you have achieved satisfactory results, so that you can maintain a beautiful breast line no matter how old you are!

In addition, the up'll C silicone is a high-quality, pacifier-grade material that can be used with sensitive skin.

If you are still worried, you can use the normal Vaseline cream


up'll C can do the "quick effect" breast care

Up'll C only takes 30 minutes to 1 hour a day!

Perfect product for busy person like you!

Or for you who don’t have time to take care of yourself due to taking care of children

up'll C is a breast enlargement product for busy modern women like you!

Just wear it every day! And, there is no restriction of action or motion while wearing.

"I am too busy, no time to use"

"I am tired every day, I can't hold it down"

There is no need to worry about such a problem, up'll C is simple enough to take care of your breasts at home without taking up a lot of energy

If you really want to have a beautiful breast curve and want to make your sagging breasts firm and want to have an enviable cleavage, then it is "now" is the time for start!!

Successful women who have completed breast enhancement and breasts exude a brilliant glow from the inside out.

With a beautiful breast shape, you'll want to wear a low-cut dress that shows the beautiful I-line cleavage.

You will be happy and good mood when the chest lines become beautiful

Seeing the envy and appreciation of the people around you, you will pay more and more attention to beauty and become more feminine.

The breast is beautiful, and even other good fortune comes one after another.

But if you don't take the first step, nothing will happen.

You can’t have a fascinating figure no matter how long you wait.

Do you really give up? It’s just breast, but it’s not just breast. It is a symbol of privilege and beauty that only women have. We really hope that you can take good care of it.

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