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FAQ for General Questions

So what does “Rien Pipe” mean?

As a Japanese invention, Rien Pipe’s name is a portmanteau of two kanji characters: 離 (Ri; meaning “divorce/separation”) and 煙 (en; “smoke”).  This reflects our attitude toward smoking: although each of us may separate ourselves from the addiction, it is always with us, and we must ultimately decide to move forward and adopt a new non-smoking lifestyle.

How much nicotine is in my cigarettes?

Labeling laws differ from country to country, sometimes making it difficult to find how much nicotine is contained in a cigarette. We have compiled a list showing how much nicotine is cigarettes in Japan, which can serve as a reference for cigarettes elsewhere. Have a look here for details.

Generally speaking, many cigarette brands have nicotine content that’s 1/10th the tar content (e.g., a cigarette with 2mg tar will likely have around 0.2mg nicotine). When looking for a suitable cigarette for use with your Return Pipe, one with 1mg tar is likely adequate.

Can I start with Rien Pipe even if I’m pregnant?

If you are pregnant, it is highly recommended to quit smoking, as it affects your baby’s health before and during pregnancy, and after your baby is born. Rien Pipe will help you to gradually wean your body off of nicotine, as you proceed with the Rien Pipe quit smoking program.

Rien Pipe makes use of the technology of micro-holes that are bored into each pipe. These regulate the amount of nicotine contained in the air flowing through the pipes into the smoker’s body. Unlike e-cigarettes and other cessation aids, Rien Pipes do not contain any chemical substances, nicotine, herbal extracts or other additives, which means they are safe when used by a woman during pregnancy

Is Rien Pipe less effective depending on my age?

Our Rien Pipe program has shown good results with all age categories. There are no restrictions as for the upper age limit.

As for younger smokers, we do not condone under-age smoking or marketing nicotine products to young adults. We do believe in the importance of quitting smoking at any age. However be sure to obtain permission from your parent or guardian if you are a minor who wants to start our smoking cessation program.

What is Rien Pipe made of?

Rien Pipe is made of non-toxic plastic and aluminium parts. The materials are: ALP (aluminium), TPX (plastic), PA (Polyamide). The mouthpiece is made from PP (polypropylene). It contains no nicotine or any drug.


I am currently on nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) medication. Can I use Rien Pipe simultaneously with this medication?

Yes. There is absolutely no problem using Rien Pipe while taking medication prescribed by your doctor, provided that you take the medication and smoke at the same time. Actually, there are some reports from former Rien Pipe users saying that the simultaneous usage helped them to increase the effect of the prescribed medicine and thus improved their chances for quitting successfully, as Rien Pipe addresses the physical addiction to nicotine.  Keep in mind that smoking with certain medications may be contraindicated.  Ask your doctor if you have any questions about your specific situation.


How different is Rien Pipe from other common quit smoking methods — e.g. nicotine gums or patches?

Without any adverse effects associated with using it, Rien Pipe can effectively reduce the body’s demand for nicotine, just as nicotine patches and gums are intended to.  The mechanism, however, is quite different.

Nicotine patches, gums and lozenges replace cigarettes and provide your body with nicotine with the aim of reducing dependence in stages.  Used as directed, these products tend to take 10-12 weeks to work.  As they release small amounts of the drug, many experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms and a strong desire to smoke.  Many quitters experience a certain degree of irritation at not being able to hold a cigarette.

With Rien Pipe, users may continue the smoking ritual while being weaned off nicotine over a 4-8 week span.  Since Rien Pipe gradually reduces the amount of nicotine directly from the cigarette, users can smoke as they usually do.  After using Pipe No. 31, your body will be free from its physical nicotine addiction, giving you that advantage you need to kick your smoking habit.

Ultimately, as with other quit smoking approaches, Rien Pipe is not a “magical” product that will guarantee success.  You will have to make the effort to switch to a non-smoking lifestyle.