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How to get rid of cigarette smell? Top 3 ways to deodorize a smoker’s house

Smokers themselves may not be fully aware of it, but their clothes as well as those of their family members/roommates likely have a strong smoke smell stuck to them.

Tobacco odor can be particularly obnoxious for non-smokers and when attached to clothes it can follow people around without their being conscious of it.

Getting rid of impacted cigarette smell can be a struggle, however this time we will list three simple ways to remove (or at least drastically reduce) the impact of smokey smells on clothes.


Hang clothes in a humid place

Generally, smells are comprised of a soup of many different chemicals. Even if one component can be eliminated, there is a possibility that another will continue to leech odor.

Each of these scent components can also have different properties, which in turn can make it a challenge to completely deodorize an object, such as clothing or fabric, and it can take some time to get the odor out.


Humidity is a key tool in removing odor, as scent molecules will tend to latch on to water molecules.

A simple tactic is to place clothes laced with tobacco odor in a bathroom with high humidity (e.g. just after showering).

Moisture will cover the fabric surface. As it evaporates, many of the various cigarette odor components will be wicked away as well.


You can also spray a mist of water on clothes (e.g. shirt, jeans) and dry them outside in the sun. This will have a similar result.


With the same principle, you can spray iron steam on your clothes.

In this case, be sure that if you steam clothes clean, that you also use a fan to allow air circulation so that odor molecules don’t land back on clothes.


Use deodorizers or activated charcoal

Sometimes using moisture may not be enough. Activated charcoal is a simple, low-cost way of deodorizing objects.

There are countless small holes in the activated charcoal.

These pores allow charcoal to absorb many of the odors that cling even to the fine fibers of clothes.

By placing clothes in a plastic bag overnight together with activated charcoal, tobacco odor components can be removed.


Also, keep in mind that certain products, such as leather and suede, are sensitive to moisture and drying.

Leather goods can not be recommended for humid areas because it will cause bruising when using moisture or steaming.

Activated charcoal should not, however, present a problem.

For leather goods with particularly heavy tobacco smells, it is better to use a leather cleaner suitable for leather goods – or have them cleaned by a professional.


Wash clothes early or send them out for cleaning

One of the best ways to eliminate cigarette smell is to wash clothes as soon as you think that they smell.

Select garments, such as coats, may best be cleaned by professionals who are adept at removing odors.

Keeping less-worn items in airtight garment bags can be a good way of minimizing odor as well.


Bear in mind that the smell of cigarettes means that harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke are also adhering to clothes.

Among these, tar is a sticky ingredient, and it can not be removed easily if it adheres. Left untouched, it will cause deterioration of clothes as well, so washing clothes soon and regularly is important not just for odor control, but for preservation of clothes, too.


Final word

Cigarette odor easily attaches itself to clothing and fabrics. In order to stop smelling like a smoker, finding ways to regularly remove smoke odor from clothing is important.

This can be done in several ways, and not just through washing.

Have you encountered any additional effective ways to remove cigarette odor from clothes?

Please share them below.

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