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Can smoking damage skin? How tobacco changes how you look

Cigarettes are known to have an adverse effect on various parts of the body, and skin is no exception.

Ever look at people around your age and wonder why smokers tend to look older, while everyone else tends to look around the same age?

Smokers’ skin can have a certain texture and appearance that outwardly shows the extent of their habit.

One of the often undermentioned advantages of smoking cessation is that the skin environment can also improve as well, helping smokers look more their own age after quitting.

This time we will discuss about the relationship between cigarettes and skin and how skin condition changes after quitting smoking.


Why is tobacco harmful to the skin

So why does tobacco cause damage to the skin in the first place?

Although there are a variety of reasons, two immediate and key ones boil down to a lack of vitamin C and to a decreased amount of blood flow/active oxygen in the body.

First of all, vitamin C is said to be an indispensable vitamin to maintain beautiful skin. In addition, since vitamin C is not produced in the body, it must be taken in from food such as vegetables and fruits.

Smoking actually will destroy the vitamin C necessary for skin – the habit can reduce up to 40% the body’s supply of the vitamin. It’s said that smokers can be in a state of chronic vitamin C deficiency as a result, and given that absorption of some vitamins encourages better absorption of other vitamins, smokers can be at a risk for decreased levels of these as well.

Even if you take vitamin C from food, it will still be lost in the process of smoking. As a result, the body lacks this key chemical compound needed to maintain beautiful skin.

Nicotine in tobacco is also said to cause the deterioration of blood flow as well as the increase of active oxygen, which “rusts” the body and boosts oxidation. It seems that mainstream smoke and secondhand smoke have also been found to adversely affect the skin.


Examples of adverse effects of tobacco on the skin smoking effect on health skin care beauty

Skin damage appears due to the bad influence of smoking as mentioned above. One of the most common appearance changes is in the form of wrinkles.

Smokers’ skin often to appear older due to the more pronounced presence of wrinkles. In particular for women, wrinkles present an issue because it can cause the appearance to look several years – or even a decade in some cases – older than the actual age.

It is also known that the skin of smokers tends to darken. This is also caused by tobacco tar in smoke as well as the compounding effect of vitamin C deficiency.

Some women may think that because they use cosmetics to help “heal” the skin, it’s not so much of a problem, however concealing tobacco skin with makeup will only go so far.

The spread of pimples and blackheads are also an example of adverse effects due to smoking.

If you care about your skin’s future, you should really choose to quit smoking.

Never give up! Skin beauty skin effect will surely appear

Even if you are a relatively conservative (light) smoker, many of the adverse effects described above will nevertheless appear, though onset may be delayed somewhat.

We still think it’s a brilliant idea for your health overall to consider quitting smoking.

When you do quit, your skin’s beauty won’t return overnight, however you will likely start seeing results in the mirror in as little as around 2 weeks.

As blood flow begins to return and vitamin levels readjust and normalize, you’ll start noticing that your skin has a changed texture with fewer wrinkles and spotting.

Connecting these small changes to motivation is also a secret to smoking cessation. It’s a good idea to set a goal of quitting for two weeks for your skin!

Final word

Although there are some people who are indifferent to their appearance, I think that most people care somewhat about their presentation to others.

Every time you smoke over the years, your skin will gradually erode and bear witness to smoking’s toxic effects.

If you decide today to start quitting smoking and take steps to take better care of your body and skin, you’ll feel the positive effects of your decision for the rest of your life.

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