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Can cessation aid Rien Pipe help reduce smoker stress?

So you’ve tried quitting smoking before. Perhaps you’ve tried going cold turkey and know the stress of quitting. Once you turn off the nicotine and take the plunge, stress builds up and chances of success seem somehow slimmer.

And after you quit, just as with rebounding after a diet, the number of cigarettes you smoke increases, frustrating you all the more and contributing to a vicious cycle. But wait – the secret of successful smoking cessation is to gradually reduce stress.


This time we’ll be discussing the filter-type approach to quitting with cessation goods like Rien Pipe. A large number of people have succeeded in quitting using this approach. This time, we will show you how to use this novel, easy-to-use technology and its effects.


What are filter-type smoking cessation products?

This new class of quit-smoking aid is not intended to stop your habit overnight. Rather it aims to help gradually decrease the amount of nicotine you inhale as you smoke and slowly wean you off the addictive element of cigarettes. With this method, a small pipe-like mouthpiece is attached to the cigarette filter. A hole in the middle of the device allows air to enter and diffuse nicotine-containing smoke as it is inhaled. Although there are similar products in the market, Rien Pipe is the only approach that slowly, gradually weans smokers off nicotine at a barely perceivable rate in the span of about a month.


As opposed to quitting overnight or swapping out one form of nicotine and replacing with another, Rien Pipe cuts down nicotine without the discomfort of withdrawal. Since this happens over the span of around a month, the body can slowly adjust to gradually decreasing nicotine levels in a virtually painless, stress-free manner. Once the body is used to a low-nicotine state, many Rien Pipe users simply come to feel one day that they don’t need to smoke anymore, and successfully take the next step in eliminating cigarettes completely from their life.


Since the act of smoking itself can be continued, many content users in this cessation aid category do not feel that their “mouth is lonely”, a common complaint with nicotine replacement therapy. Quite simply, it is a straightforward way to comfortably quit smoking over time.


Rien Pipe vs. other filter-type cessation aids

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Filter-type cessation goods are available in different formats. Some nicotine filters come in a bulk pack (one filter per day) and dramatically cut down the amount of nicotine inhaled. Others come in 4 stages and help step down nicotine 25% at each stage. Both of these products are designed to be disposable. And success rates for both of these product categories is questionable, and many of the users report experiencing some manner of unpleasant withdrawal symptom.


Rien Pipe, in contrast, comes in a pack of 31 – one per day for a month – and has been designed to be washable and reusable during the span of the program. Even in the early stages, the nicotine and tar cut only amounts to around 3% per day, which most users have reported to be such a minute change that they can hardly perceive the difference day to day. (Which is exactly why so many people have praised Rien Pipe.)


On a daily basis, with Rien Pipe the quitter will switch to the next filter in the sequence, which in turn removes an additional 3% of nicotine. While some users occasionally report needing to stick with the same filter for a day or two, they are able to simply wash and re-use their Rien Pipe until accustomed to a given nicotine level.


The final Rien Pipe in series cuts most of the nicotine. Coming this far, between 70-89% of users (based on an internal survey) are successful in taking the next step – to complete smoking cessation. All done without the need for drugs or medication.


How is the effect of smoking cessation?

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As mentioned above, based on an internal survey, we found that overwhelmingly close to 90% of customers succeeded in quitting smoking with Rien Pipe – most of them doing so without feeling the stress and anxiety typically experienced with smoking cessation. Of course, as with any cessation approach, Rien Pipe is not necessarily for everyone. Unlike e-cigarettes and vaping, it doesn’t attempt to switch one form of smoking for another. It does, however, let you continue that aspect of the ritual, gradually curtailing nicotine, until you no longer feel the need to smoke.

“I want to quit smoking, but I can’t quit immediately.” We’ve done as much as we can to help lower that quit hurdle to the maximum extent possible, offering that new chance to people who want another take on life before smoking.


Final word

Filter-type cessation goods are not only convenient, but they carry with them many additional benefits – all without the typical stress associated with quitting.


So why the high cost compared to other smoking cessation products? Well, we like to think of it this way: Rien Pipe doesn’t attempt to keep you hooked on the product line, buying the next pack of nicotine patches or gum or that next cartridge of vape juice. We have had some cases where a family will share one kit – simply washing and re-using as they go. We continue looking ahead to helping people quit one kit at a time.

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